Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Rotisseried BBQ chicken - attempt 1

In the past , I've always left the rottisserie BBQ thing up to the hubby, but tonight I decided to give it a go. Start with one 4lb chicken. My Kiwi friends, read the price on this baby and weep :-)

Trussed and ready to spin. I peeled, and cut in half, 15 cloves of garlic. I mixed them with honey and butter and inserted them under the skin of the chook. Sprinkled it liberally with the hubby's delicous BBQ rub and then flicked the switch. The bird turned and nothing fell off, so I guess I positioned everything correctly. Back inside for a glass of iced tea and the news. Someone flew 193 miles in a deckchair suspended from 105 helium balloons. Bush announced a new surge in Iraq and said it was 'the beginning of a new way'. Personally, I'd like to see the beginning 'of a new way' regarding schools and health care!!! Meanwhile, outside, a few healthy thunderstorms boomed, setting off a number of new wildfires and the chicken started smelling very good indeed...

All done!!!!

And rather tasty too :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have to say the chicken was the best dish on the table, the vegetables are flawless a complement to the tender meat infused with flavours..

The Stuffe Potatoes were another standout, the outer skin was cooked to perfection..
Both the Sides and chicken werer also well done, there was absolutely nothing to complain about this food..

Karens was truly a great dining experience, and it definitely climbed the charts in my books.. Already looking forward to the next dish.. Top marks..!