Saturday, 28 March 2009

Camera Critters - Best Of Mates

Camera Critters

Spring Break is here and with that, finally some time for my camera and I to get out and explore and hopefully capture some interesting shots!! :-)

In the mean time, from my 'memories' folder is a snap of two of my best friends, taken about 17 years ago.

Nikki (dog) and Mischief (cat) were also best of friends, as can be seen in this photo.

Nikki had heaps of character.

One of my funniest memories of her, was the day she was outside supervising the ex-hubby as he mowed the lawn. I stuck my head out the door to check on them and noticed no Nikki, however there was this woman, in a full skirt, walking along the footpath doing a funny kind of dance and furiously batting away at the back of her dress.

Poking out from beneath her skirt was a furiously wagging tail and four long, golden, furry legs, none of which belonged to her.

Apparently, Nikki had seen a new, potential friend walking by and decided to zip under her skirt and introduce herself, in time honoured doggy fashion, by sniffing her butt.

The woman did see the funny side, once we had rescued her from our over friendly 'other child'. I did notice though, that next time she walked by she was wearing jeans. :-)

Mischief definitely suited her name.

She was originally supposed to be my daughter's cat. However, as a small kitten she was very ill.

The vet told us that she probably would not survive. I spent the next week nursing Mischief. I carried her around with me during the day and she slept, nestled on my chest at night. I fed her liquids and medication, every couple of hours with an eyedropper. Slowly she recovered, however, she then adopted me as her Mum and followed me around everywhere.

I was in the bathroom one day, enjoying a few minutes of peace and tranquility. I'd locked the door on all four kids, plus Nikki and Mischief, all who would have joined me given half a chance.

Next minute there was a scrabbling at the top window and a small,furry black and white missile launched herself through.

Mischief was not going to be separated from her 'Mum'. She had climbed on to the work bench, that was outside the kitchen window, scrambled up onto the kitchen roof and then jumped onto the overhang over the bathroom window and then made a leap of faith at the open top window.

Fortunately the kids and the dog did not follow suit !

Our furry friends certainly leave us with plenty of fond memories.

What are the fondest memories of your 'babies' ?

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Sharon said...

What nice memories you have of these two friends. Thanks for sharing with us:)

Bruce said...

I wish I had a big doggie friend like that!

ViennaDaily said...

I like the name Mischief for a cat! I always enjoy the company of a kid I grew up having one even after each died =( Now I cant get one because my son has worries though :)

Snap said...

I really enjoyed your memories of your fur babies and the photo. Thank you.

Tink *~*~* said...

yeah, I'm thinking I probably would have beat my skirt too, if I had that sort of introduction to Nikki. ;)

Happy Critturday!
Tink *~*~*
Just hangin’ around at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Reader Wil said...

Karen , what a lovely story! We have also many stories about our pets. They were wonderful friends. Have a great weekend.

Misty Dawn said...

I really really enjoyed this post. What a fantastic tribute to your best friends - I love that picture!

wendy said...

What great memories/stories! Both are chuckleworthy! :) Cute photo as well.

david mcmahon said...

So Nikki `skirted' the issue?!!

Thanks for the visit and the comment.

Janie said...

That's a great photo and some great, funny memories of your pets.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Ya gotta love the personality of a dog!
Cute picture.

BoufMom9 said...

What cute Babies and what a lovely story about them :)

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

That is totally cute about Nikki! They look so sweet cuddle up together!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend!

Dirk said...

Nice memories you've shared with us.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo. Pets make the best friends and give us very special memories. I've had cats since 1986 and have countless fond memories.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for Windi's birthday wish!

Dianne said...

sweet - it's good that they got along

Denise said...

Those are great stories and the mission impossible fete was hilarious, as was the lady with the skirt. Great post!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

You would like my post for's along the same lines as this one. Great picture!