Saturday, 20 September 2014

Camera Critters - Young Mandy

Meet my other baby ... my 10 pound, Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell Terrier minx. She is also affectionately known as the 'California Diva Dog' and she has the personality to match :-)

She can be found, almost every evening, anxiously peering out the window, waiting for Daddy to come home from work. She seems to be able to sense when he should be arriving ..


Ok, Mum ...enough with poking that thing in my face...I'm trying to sleep here!!!!


Camera Critters


Gosia k said...

Hello, from Poland. T=Your doggie is so sweet. I like Gosia.

Frank said...

Karen .. These are lovely images of Mandy ... very laid back.

Thanks for visiting my 'Wildlife' blog.

eileeninmd said...

Your Mandy is a real sweet dog. Wonderful photos of your doggie.. Have a great day!

Al said...

She is adorable - I love small, cute dogs (we have two).

Pat said...

She is beautiful!

Chris H said...

LOL our two dogs do that too! And Teddy HATES having his photo taken.