Monday, 8 September 2014


Well... I must say it's been a little while ...about two years since I've updated my blog. Made the big move up to Washington State in April 2013. Reminds me a lot of New Zealand... green .. trees... water and it rains a bit. Contrary to what they tell you, it doesn't rain all the time and the sunny days are absolutely gorgeous. Both of our furbabies are loving it up here. Misty, our Lab/Blue Heeler cross as decided that she likes the water after all. We took them out to Priest Point Park in Olympia and Misty did not want to come out of the water.
Mandy, our Minature Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell Terrier was not so keen on the wet stuff :-) I've been a little isolated, as we do live out in a rural area and our only car was a manual, which despite many lessons, I am unable to drive. However, we recently replaced it with an automatic, which I can drive. Of course, there is that little matter of figuring out what side of the road I should be on, but I'm getting the hang of that...LOL. There is quite a community of Kiwis, Aussies and Brits in the area, so I'm finding it easier to get food products from those countries. There is also a NZ group that meets a number of times a year for a Hangi and other activities. I've also found a Fish 'n Chip shop in Sequim (about a 1 1/2 hr drive from us, that is owned by a New Zealander you know that they are fish 'n chips like I'm used to back home. They also sell pies and sausage rolls :-) Planning om making a trip over there very soon!!
MmmmmmmmmMmmmmmm !!! I'm also told it's for sale. Cheers...

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Chris H said...

Yaaa to seeing you back in blog world.
And how neat to find a 'kiwi' fisn 'n' chip shop, even if it is a distance away... worth visiting every so often I'm sure.

I'm glad you are now happily settled in Washington State.