Wednesday, 23 April 2008

That was not pretty at all !!

I think I've been sort of ignoring this post. Rather hoping that it would go away. Kind of like my 1.8 lb weight gain at Saturday's weigh in.

I had weighed myself at home, so I was forewarned and didn't keel over in shock when I hopped on the WW scales.

I'm not sure what went wrong though. Earlier on in the week, I was right on track for a good loss. We did have a chinese meal on Tuesday, but I thought that would be early enough not to affect me by Saturday. I also had one bad day, where I got into the 'standing in front of the open fridge, aimlessly grazing' thing. However, I logged everything I ate and did not go over my 27 daily points or my 35 extra points. I exercised, including lots of walking. I was expecting either that I would remain the same or lose only a little.

BUT GAINING 1.8 *expeletive* POUNDS ????????

Oh well. That was last week. This is a new week. :-)When I weighed myself this morning, I was back on the downward slope again.

I'm thinking that maybe I need to really watch my salt intake. I had also had a couple of Weight Watcher's and Lean Cuisine meals during the week. I hadn't thought about checking the sodium content before now, thinking that they would be okay. Holy cow, Batman, they are really high!!

So, no more Chinese or WW/LC meals this week.:-(



Toni said...

I'm sure you know, body weight can really fluctuate. Maybe you will lose an unexpected extra pound this week. Also, as I'm sure you also know, all that walking is sure to build muscle. I think you have a very healthy attitude with "that was last week". Lose 80 Pounds said...

Sorry to hear about your **expletive** gain. But get back up on that pony and give her another ride! lol...I'm feeling silly today....sorry.

Next week will be just fine. =)