Monday, 12 May 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow....

I finally did it. Cut my hair that is. It's now about chin length and layered. Feels a little strange, especially since it does expose my face more than my face was exposed before. In fact, I feel a little naked without all that hair!!!

I think that my hair, like my weight, is something that I have tended to use to hide behind. Gradually, over the years, as I felt better about myself, I've let my hair get shorter and shorter. However, I've always kept a long fringe (bangs) and not wanted the hairdresser to layer my hair away from my face. So this has been a big change. At least I no longer look like 'Cousin It' when the wind blows. :-)

It has opened a whole new world to me though. The world of HAIR PRODUCTS. Apparently, according to my hairdresser, my hair has been styled in the 'I Just Got Out Of Bed And Forgot To Brush My Hair' look, otherwise known as 'Bed Head'. To achieve 'Bed Head' one has to use Hair Products. Heck, and here was me thinking that it was hot flushes that gave me that wild look in the mornings!

Last time I needed Hair Products, I had a choice of hair spray or mousse. Shows you how long ago it was when I last had my hair styled to where I needed the use of them. If memory serves me right, it was about 20 years ago and a perm. Unfortunately, a couple days after the perm, I needed emergency surgery. I went into the operating theatre with a lovely soft curly perm and came out with a tightly curled Afro. Apparently, an anesthetic sometimes does that.

Okay, so now I have 'Bed Head' and need Hair Products.

I found a jar of blue creamy stuff, that was labelled 'Dep Sport Endurance Hold', on the bathroom counter. It promises 'non-stop hold'. I think I bought it for J, about a year ago, after he'd shaved all his hair off in a male mid-life crisis moment. It was growing back and I thought he might like to spike it. He didn't so the jar just sat there.

I don't think it's quite the right stuff as all it does for my hair, is leave hard spiky clumps, that remind me of the time I was doing paper mache with the kids and I kept brushing my hair back, forgetting that my hands were covered in gooey, floury, paste.

So in pursuit of the 'Young, Sexy, Bed Head Look' (my stylist's description, not mine)that had adorned my head when I left the beauty parlour, I trotted off to the nearest store that sold hair goop.

A few hours later, I was bewildered, bemused and none the wiser. I'd wandered up and down aisles and discovered shelves laden with the familiar mousses, gels and hairsprays. However, I'd also discovered clay, fudge, spackle, mud, pomade, paste, cement, glue, goo, goop and so on. These products assured me that I could mold my hair, spike it, shine it, twist it and rearrange it until I had that look. I was also wondering if they would cure my fast developing headache !!

Back home to do a little research. Of course, I could have called the hair dresser and asked for her advice, but I'm not exactly known for doing things the easy way.

Hmmmm .... ' Short Sexy Hair Frenzy Bulked-Up Texture ' sounds like hair on steroids. I'm thinking that ' Short Sexy Hair Slept In Texture Cream ' possibly sounds nearer to what I'm looking for.

Sighhhhh .... now for the styling brush and curling iron. Last curling iron I had, was definitely possessed. It had bristles on it which constantly entangled my hair. Come to think of it, I definitely got the 'Bed Head' look with that sucker. Or as my Grandma would say 'Girl, you look as if you got dragged through a blackberry bush backwards, now go brush your hair.'

Wonder what she'd say about my current hair style :-)



Toni said...

Congrats on the haircut (do you congratulate on a haircut?) I myself have been contemplating a haircut. But I have the shoulder length, non-layered-except-for-bangs look. It is so nice not to have to bother with it much.

I'll be interested to see if you now regret having to fuss with the hair.

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Anonymous said...

After years of either cutting my hair myself or going to a cheap haircuts place, I finally went to a real SALON last year. I'll never go anywhere else again. I don't care how much my hair guy charges, I'll pay it. Since he started cutting my hair, I haven't had to use a curling iron or any other devices of torture. I just rub in a little mousse and dry it. If I need a little more shape or control, I use a tiny amount of the sticky gluey stuff and that does the trick.