Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I got tagged....

40 Something Crises just tagged me. My very first tag!! :-) I feel like I'm growing up, Blogger style. :-) It probably came at a good time, as I've been a bit lax lately about posting and reading.

I will admit, I did have to hurriedly Google both 'tag' and 'meme' as I wasn't to sure what I was supposed to be doing. This page gives a good explanation for the meme virgins amongst us.

Okay... here goes.:-)

Four Jobs I've Held

Telephone tolls operator
Temporary Protection Order Advocate

Four Movies I Could Watch Over And Over Again

Dirty Dancing
The Lion King
All three LOTR movies
Notting Hill

Four Places I've Lived

Reno, NV, USA
Wellington, NZ
Matamata, NZ
Okahukura, NZ

Four Shows I Like To Waste My Time On

Law and Order

Four Of My Favourite Foods

Lemon Delicious pudding
Fish 'n Chips

Four Places I'd Like To Be

New Zealand
On the Orient Express
An African Safari

Now.... the hardest part!!! I tag ' And the journey begins ', ' Blackpool Rocks ', ' A HEALTHIER JAYLADY ' and ' Apple Joos ', a blogger that I just found when looking through ' Fight The Fluffy '. Sorry, Apple Joos, I was running out of bloggers and you have a really interesting blog!! :-)

Have fun all !!!!



Toni said...

Pavlova? I will have to look that one up. It makes me think of Pavlov and his dogs. Does Pavlova make you drool like the dogs drooled for Pavlov?

I enjoyed your Meme. Now I'll have to follow the trail and read what others have answered.

Toni said...

MMMMMM, Pavlova. Do you make it yourself? Maybe I'll drive over for dessert some day!

My mouth is definitely watering.

Karen said...

pavlova definitely makes me drool :-) And yes, I make Pavlova. It's easy to make. If you go to my August archives and scroll down, there is a recipe for the one I make .. and a photo. It's never failed me yet, even at the altitude we live at.

applejoos said...

WOW! I didn't see this until JUST now, LOL. I guess I'd better get crackin, huh?