Sunday, 23 March 2008

Memo to myself ...

Don't eat food with a high sodium content, the night before a weekly weigh in. You will retain water!!!

Had about half a cup of broccoli from a Chinese meal and a homemade taco. Didn't think it would have any effect. I looked to be well on track as my scales had shown a 2.5 lb weight loss that morning. However, the next morning I couldn't get my rings off my fingers and the scales at Weight Watchers only recorded a .4 of a lb loss. Wouldn't you know it, by that evening I was back down to what I was the day before.:-) I take comfort, though, in the fact that the scales are still going the right way!

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KARINA said...

Hi karen i know what you mean when it comes to the salt thing.I retain fluid alot of the time I think more since Iv'e gained the weight.That is a good tip to keep in mind.Oh and thanks for stopping by my site with your comments it is good to know im not alone cheers karina :)