Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I'm currently having some issues with blogger. Not sure whether it's the weight loss ticker or the counter that I just put on. Or if it's blogger that is screwed up. Have to go a roundabout way to log in and post. Not to mention trying to figure out how other bloggers embed links in their posts. This is definitly a learning curve for me. :-)

Anyway, on to better things. Lost 1.2 pounds at my Saturday weigh in. Seems that my body has now decided that it's not in starvation mode, thanks to my bout with the flu, and has decided to start co-operating with the plan. My sense of smell has come back and everything has stopped tasting like cardboard. Still tire easily and haven't completely regained my appetite, but it's better than it was.

At my present weight, I'm supposed to be eating 28 points worth of food a day. By the end of the day, I've had about 7 - 10 points left over. Not worrying too much about that at the moment, as I've been making sure I've been eating healthy food ... plenty of fruits, veges, etc. Right now, I'm not going to force myself to eat, just so that I'll get the last of those food points used.

I'm also working on my exercise regime. The main obstacle in my way at the moment, is the fatigue left over from the flu. It's getting better though. Being slightly stubborn and also a bit impatient to get the show on the road and see results, I've over done it a couple of times. J is home on holiday at the moment, so we are taking T and the dogs to Virginia lake today. It's a mile to just over a mile around the lake, depending on what path you take, so I'll see how I go with a couple of circuits.

There was also an interesting segment on The Today Show, yesterday, on 7 ways to boost your metabolism . They talk about interval training, which I had heard about before. That's where you alternate jogging slowly then sprinting. Not really up to the jogging or sprinting thing as yet, but I wonder if alternating the speed you walk, would also have the same effect?


Finally figured out how to embed a link in a post! Now, if I could only figure out the logging into blogger problem. Currently, I'm having to sign on through the dashboard, instead of from my blog page itself. Same goes for posting or any other change I want to make. Frustrating!


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