Monday, 12 January 2009

Good Grief ... However Did I Make It To This Ripe Old Age Without One ???

I was informed, by Miss Taylor, when I picked her up from school one day last week, that 'Teenagers couldn't live without a cellphone'!

Well !! I must be a dying breed then, because I managed to survive my teenage years, my 20's, 30's , 40's and part of my 50's without a cellphone attached to my hip, ear or any other of my appendages. I finally gave in and bought my first cellphone two or three years ago.

I'm currently on my third phone.

I managed to drown one. That cellphone somehow landed in an empty coffee cup. That coffee cup then ended up in a stockpot, that I'd filled full of water and baking soda and set to soak due to the beans I'd burnt. I found the phone about two days later, when I poured the water out..

I suspect the second one is in a local landfill. I vaguely remember dropping it in a plastic shopping bag as the pants I was wearing at the time, did not have pockets.

This latest one is a small flip top phone and fits in my pocket, or, as I discovered recently, comfortably inside my bra.

Taylor's comment rather cracked me up, which, I suspect, was not the reaction she was looking for, as she then stomped off ahead of me.

Apparently she had already suggested to her mother, that she really needed a cellphone and Lori had reacted pretty much the same way that I did. I think she was hoping that I'd tell her Mum that a phone would be a great idea!

Even though I was sort of dragged kicking and screaming into the mobile world, I will admit there are some advantages ...

* As long as I remember to keep the thing charged, I now no longer have to go searching for a payphone, if I have to call in a fire/robbery/car crash/heart attack/whatever. Not that I have to do that every time I leave the house, but it has happened..

* Saves a second trip back to the store, because my menopausal brain has forgotten what the heck it was that I'd gone up there to get. Now, like ET, I can phone home and be reminded..

* Lets me call up J or a friend and tell them all about the funny thing that just happened to me or, as on one occasion, have mild hysterics re the gun that just got pointed in my direction while I was waiting outside Walmart !

There are cons as well ....

* Can't count the times I've almost been mown down in a crosswalk, by some driver to busy yakking on their phone, to pay attention to what's in front of them...

* It can be a little weird, when you walk by an otherwise sane looking person, who apparently appears to be having a conversation with an imaginary friend. Then you see the Bluetooth tucked in their ear. Bit of a relief, that...

* People who have loud conversations about inappropriate subjects, on public transport. Lady, I really am not interested in knowing how many orgasms your latest squeeze gave you!!! I'm not kidding, that actually happened last week.

* People that have loud conversations about anything. Why do they think that they have to yell into the phone???

* Once upon a time, when out for a walk, you'd actually get to nod, smile and sometimes even exchange pleasantries with people. Now, their heads are down, phones are glues to their ears and the rest of the world is tuned out. It's rather sad ...we are losing the art of communicating, face to face, with each other...

So ... confession time...

Do you talk on your phone and drive ??

Does your 8 yr old have a cellphone ??

What age to you think is appropriate for a phone ??

What's your biggest bug bear about cellphones ??


Gramma 2 Many said...

Yes, I talk and drive. OOOPS.
Do not have an 8 year old. But none of my 8 year old grands have one.
Fifteen or sixteen is plenty old enough.
People who call me and expect me to spend a full afternoon visiting on the phone. Don't they know I pay by the minute? I love the ID part so I do not have to answer if I don't want to.

Jennifer said...

I do love my cell phone--but mainly for convience sake--like to say I'll be late, etc. I especially like it to check in w/ the kids--my 3 oldest have them and I really like being able to communicate w/ them--gives me peace of mind!

I do not talk on them while driving--if I do it's just for a second to say "I'll call you back."

I really hate when I see moms constantly on their phones instead of interacting w/ their kids!!

Kat said...

I do talk and drive. In our paper today there was an article about a group trying to get a federal law passes prohibiting talking on cell phones while driving ( including the hands free variety).

I HATE going to the movies and people talking on the phone. Including that annoying blue light. Why do they feel the need to even answer and say "I'm at the movies?"

We have thought about getting my 11 year old a phone. Because phones are cheap - or free - and to add her to our plan would only cost $5 a month. BUT. There is no reason for her to have one. So, we haven't done it.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I talk and drive ALL the time - and I DON'T have hands free and I think that if they're going to ban phones then they need to ban makeup, newspapers, and those "suctioned cuped to the windshield note pad holders"

My 10 year old has a cell phone. It's a prepaid and only has my number, her dads and emergency numbers programed into it.

Depends on the kids.

People talking loudly on cellphones in a store... OH - and when people bring them in the bathroom. Makes me wanna rip the BIGGEST fart I can...

MammaDucky said...

I do talk and drive some. I try not to though.
My chillins' aren't quite 8 yet, but no, they won't have phones at that age.
I think when they start driving I'll have to give them one to use in case of an emergency (or ya know, to check up on them!).
I hate that people feel they cannot LIVE without their phone.
True story: I know someone who was going to let their child DROP OUT OF high school because they took her cell away. Insane!

wendy said...

Do you talk on your phone and drive ?? Yes, I do. I know I shouldn't, so does that help?!

Does your 8 yr old have a cellphone ?? My "8-yr-old" is 10; her brother is 11. Neither have cell phones.

What age to you think is appropriate for a phone ?? This is a discussion. I think high school; the kids think now! The Husband says when they move out!

What's your biggest bug bear about cellphones ?? People who TEXT and drive.

Aubrey said...

Occasionally I will talk and drive, but not long conversations.

My 15 yo son has a cell phone and has had one since he was...11. EEEK! My 11 yo daughter, however, does NOT have one. I told her when she gets her grades up and becomes more responsible, we will talk about it.

I would say high school is age appropriate. When they can get a job and pay for 1/2 the bill!

Loud, annoying talkers!

Manz said...

I have one - but only ever use it for long road trips!

I think that when a child has earnt the money to buy their own things, then they can buy a phone if that's what they really want.

And to your question "What's your biggest bug bear about cellphones ??" The irony that a device that people describe as having created greater connectivity (hence the "can't live without it" syndrome kids feel), actually has created a greater distance between us. How many times do you see a group of teenagers (or old groups)sitting around a table together, all on their phones?!

I like your blog :)

Mrs4444 said...

yes, I talk and drive (better than everyone else, of course.) My kids got their phones when I needed them to have one; when they started getting involved in a lot of after-school events and I wanted them to be able to call me about rides. I also wanted Kendall to have one for when she went to the mall with friends (just peace of mind) or to sleepovers (she could call home if it got ugly and she needed to escape.) They've never abused them. Plus, they make for nice carrots to dangle (or take) as needed. Maybe I should do the begging for her?? (Wait, she's only eight. That's crazy!)

Jen B. said...

Unfortunately for our daughter (7 1/2) we don't feel she needs a cell phone. Like Taylor, she's been trying desperately to convince us otherwise for a few months. We feel at the age of 7 or 8, she should ALWAYS be with an adult who has a cell phone, so why get her one? I'm sure once she's old enough to be at sporting/school events on her own, she'll have one but not before then. I guess we're meanies! ;)

Anonymous said...