Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

Straight after President Bush's last 'State Of The Union' speech, Nevada's Governor Gibbon, gave his 'State Of The State' report.

To put it mildly, Nevada's state is rather rocky. Not quite as bad as our neighbour, California, but the budget is facing a big shortfall.

One of the *bright* ideas our Gov had, to address this, was a 6% pay cut to all State employees, including teachers.

Not sure what cereal box he discovered that brainwave in or even what he was smoking when he conceived it, but it has been received with the same sort of enthusiasm that one feels when discovering that you just stepped in a pile of dog poo !!

As I have mentioned before, I volunteer, in the classroom, at one of my local schools. In fact, I spend a good part of my week there, so I have got to know the teachers and what they do, very well.

Many of them arrive at school around 7am and leave after 5pm on an average working day. When they have Parent/Teacher conferences,etc, the hours can be even longer.

They work through their lunch hours and take work home with them to grade,etc.

They spend their own money on classroom and teaching supplies. The average, when I inquired recently, seems to be around $1000 a year. Some, spend much more, especially if they teach at one of the poorer schools.

They volunteer their time after school and at weekends, for extracurricular activities, such as sports, bands and so on.

They deal, on a daily basis, with problem kids and parents who can be less than pleasant.

In the school that I work at, there is a high percentage of kids who are ESL. So the teachers have the added stress, of trying to balance educating their pupils while trying to teach them how to speak, read and write English.

They also are expected to continue their own education at their own expense.

There are numerous other things, that I have left off my list ... stuff that they do, while installing in our kids, the knowledge they need to face the future.

And for all this, they are expected to take a 6% wage cut ????

Governor Gibbons, I think not !!!

What is the State of your State??

Is the budget calling for pay cuts and other measures??


wendy said...

We did not get a cut this year but there was not much of a raise either. Your estimates on time are pretty accurate. I teach high school. I usually leave my home around 7:15am and don't get home until close to 5pm. The school is about 4 miles from my house! I also go in most weekends for a few hours. BUT...for the most part (and despite the low wages), I love what I do, and there are so many people who cannot say that.

storyteller said...

California's having HUGE problems at the moment and if a budget isn't signed soon no one with a job in public service will be getting paid. Teachers are being laid off and public workers are being asked to work fewer days per week to prevent layoffs for colleagues. The finances everywhere seem in dire straights.
Hugs and blessings,

Sandra said...

I have to say that I am proud of Indiana's Governor Daniels. We are one of only 9 states who AREN'T in critical financial difficulty, and I give alot of the credit to him. He is a good money manager -- a wonderful trait at any time in a governor, but especially appreciated in this economy.

Jennifer said...

That is ridiculous! They don't get enough as it is!

The state of my state is in the toilet--as our Gov. is probably going to jail!!

Jen B. said...

My mom is a secretary at our elementary school & we also know most of the teachers quite well. I think that asking our children's educators to take a pay cut is absurd! Teachers don't make near enough money & give so much to our school, the children, & the community. The idea of them making less & expecting them to still give of themselves like they do is completely ridiculous! I am completely against the idea!