Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A New Beginning...

This last week has been tiring. I'm back, at school, after an extended Christmas break.

Unfortunately, I slipped on some black ice, just before Christmas, and have a suspected tear to the lateral meniscus on the outside of my left knee.

I need a MRI to confirm it, however that will have to wait until J is back in permanant employment and we have health insurance. On that front, he has an interview on the 29th which looks very promising. Prayers, good thoughts and crossed fingers needed !! In the meantime, I'm sporting this really fashionable(NOT !!) knee brace. At least it is making being on my feet a lot more comfortable..

I have a new weightloss ticker on the left hand side of my blog. It's going to be a lot better for my poor, abused knees, and the rest of me, if I lose some ... umm ... lets get real here ... A LOT ... of this excess baggage I'm lugging around.

I've decided that I am not going to DIET, as I really hate that word. Instead I'm going to focus on eating smaller portions. Eating healthier, with more fruits, vegeatables, chicken and fish.

I'm also going to include more exercise, which will be a little limited, at first, due to my knee problem. The good news about the brace, is that I can get out and walk for awhile. Not quite as many miles or as fast as I could before, but I'll take what my knee will give me !

I'm going to weigh myself once a week, on Monday, and update my ticker then. I figure that going Nationwide/International with my endeavour, will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow.

Another new beginning, hopefully, also starts today. I say 'hopeful' in that I really do not want to see this great country, thrown into the type of turmoil, that is my worst fear...

In all honesty, if I had been able to vote, he would not have been my choice, mainly because of his inexperience, amongst other things.

However, despite that, President Obama gets my support, prayers and best of wishes. He has a very difficult road ahead of him on many fronts. Because, again, offering any else, would be wishing for less than the best. However, that does not mean that I will realax my guard !!

I think that he needs all of our prayers and good wishes, whether we were for or against him, citizens or not, Democrats or Republicans, black or white.

The media has whipped up much of the frenzy and hype surrounding him. My prayers are that he will be able to live up to most of this, as the ramifications of failure are to horrible to consider...

God Bless America !


D said...

Ouch Karen that sounds painful. Hope your knee recovers soon. As for the new outlook on the diet it's just what I did and I lost heaps of weight - 20kg (44lb). I started following the www.csiro.au diet and very soon wasn't dieting at all but completely changed eating habits. You can do it - good luck with it all.

Domestic Executive said...

Ophs that was me not D!

Jennifer said...

Oh no--I'm sorry you fell! I hate that stupid black ice and I hope your knee is better soon!

Wishing your husband lots of luck w/ his interview!!

I am filled w/ opitimism for the Obama presidency!!!

Sandra said...

Amen, Karen, regarding the new president. I didn't vote for him, but I am praying for him. I would love it if he would prove to be our best president ever!

I'm sorry to hear about your knee. But, if for every 5 lb. of weight you lose, it takes 20 lb. of pressure off your knees, as I've been told, that's a great motivator, isn't it.

Let's both try to get that done. My knees could certainly use a little less pressure too! :)

Jen B. said...

I hope your knee gets better soon! And I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your hubby.... I sure hope he gets good news!
I, too, am praying for our new president... he does have a long road ahead of him!

Anonymous said...