Friday, 17 October 2014

Sky Watch Friday - Beautiful Autumn Day

I live in a rural area, however I am about a 40 minute walk (at my present pace) from town. I love the walk, especially when you can stop and take in scenes like this :-) They are all taken with my less than satisfactory cell phone camera. Am looking forward to getting my new Canon SX50 in a few weeks. It's getting harder and harder, locally, to find film for my old SLR camera and the cost of developing is getting expensive in a number of ways. I am thinking that the Canon is going to be a good substitute until I can afford a DSLR :-)
Looking across a field with cattle ... Mt Ranier in the distance.
Zooming in on Mt Rainier ...unfortunately it makes the photo a bit grainy. I caught the flick of the tail as the cow swatted away an annoying insect :-)
Peacefully grazing on an idyllic Autumn day...
Mt Rainier peeking through the trees and shrubs along the bike and walking trail..

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Peaceful Day :-)

Young Mandy is having a peaceful day, snoozing in the warmth on the back of the couch. No rata-tat-tat-tats or Boom Booms or KABOOMS to scare the bejeebas out of her. We live on the boundary of Joint Base Lewis Mchord, the 86,000 acre Army/Air Force Base up here in WA. Unfortunately we also live at the end that is close to the 115 or so firing ranges for the base. When the training rotations start it can sound like WW3 is about to break out !! Regarding my previous post, even though we have deep, thick forest out the back of us, I really don't think I need to worry too much about a Big Foot infestation. The booming of the big guns has probably scared off any that are considering taking up residence in these parts...not to mention the unexploded ordnance lying around :-)

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sky watch Friday - Big Foot and Mist

This weeks photos are from the same area that I snapped last weeks - right outside my front door. However there is a story with them :-) Morning mist to set the scene..
The first night I arrived in WA, I had this vivid dream that Big Foot was trying to break into the house. Not sure why ...perhaps it was the large billboard above a local bar, offering a reward for the capture of Big Foot. Or maybe it was the series of Big Foot films that were showing on the Sci Fi channel. Or it could be rooted in the tall fir trees that dominate our landscape. Whatever the reason, Big Foot seems to be a dream obsession of mine. Across the street from me, is a ramshackle house, that has a lawn littered with vehicles and junk, backed by a bank of tall trees. A scene that seems almost perfect for a horror movie...
Can't you just see the glowing eyes of a dozen Big Foots , from the 2006 B-grade Big Foot movie 'Abdominable' peering at you through those trees ?

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