Thursday, 21 October 2010

I'M Back Again :-) is going well. The hubby (Jay) has been working down in Southern California since July 6Th. I'm still up here in Reno.

Unfortunately, my compute went down (still trying to figure out what's wrong) and I lost my Internet service, so my access to the net has been rather limited. Hopefully, I'll be back online in the next month or so.

The Drama Gods are obviously not quite finished with me, as there have been a couple of *moments* , since Jay left. :-)

In early August I started having severe upper abdominal and chest pain. Thought I was having a heart attack, so I called an ambulance at about 1am and got hauled off to the local hospital. Turned out that my gallbladder was badly infected and about to explode, so later that afternoon, it and I parted company. If you have to have surgery, laproscopic is the way to go. My recovery has certainly been a lot easier.

About 6 weeks after the surgery, just as I was about to be released to go back to Karate, I came down with shingles. Grrrrrrrr !!!

Shingles is something I would not wish on my worst enemy. I was lucky, in that my Dr got me started on anti-virals within 24 hours of the rash starting to appear, so it did limit the severity of the attack ...but it's still been rather painful and I hate having to take the pain killers , etc , that they have me on. They make walking, especially cornering and changing direction...interesting :-)

The really good news though, is that I have managed to lose about 34 lbs ..YAAAYY :-)

Other than all I previously said ... life is pretty good. I'm thankful that all we really lost, through the whole out of work/getting him to his new job/senate game playing kerfuffle was cable and Internet. The power stayed on and we didn't lose the house. Jay is happy in his new job and I am busy sorting out the house and getting it ready for sale. If all goes well, I'm hoping to move down there in about 6 months time. By then we should know that his job is secure..

Now...all I need is my computer running again and Internet and I'll be around these parts a little more often !! :-)