Friday, 6 June 2008

The questions kids ask....

I was just talking to my daughter in NZ. She related a conversation that she had just had with my middle grandson....

Alex.. 'Mum was I born in the US?'

DD ... 'Yes, dear.'

Alex.. 'But you've never been to America, right Mum ?'

Fair cracked me up. The innocence of children :-)

Then there was young Sacha, the 11yr old.

Sacha.. 'Mum, will I get dizzy if I walk backwards?'

Within seconds of starting to walk backwards and before Christina (DD) could answer her, Sacha walked straight into a light pole.

DD (after she'd nearly finished peeing her pants with laughter) 'Yes dear, you will get dizzy walking backwards, especially when you hit a pole!'



Chris H said...

Nice one. I have adaughter who walked into power poles and she wasn't walking backwards even! Kids can be a source of amusement I agree... just as often they can drive you nuts! My full name is Christina... JFYI.

Mrs. R said...

HA! Kids are just hysterical. hysterical.

Came over through SITS to say hi!

Manager Mom said...

Makeovers are fun no matter why or when!