Friday, 25 April 2008

Shake, Rattle 'n Roll.....

Was relaxing on the couch yesterday afternoon, at a friend's house, when all of a sudden objects started rattling, the water in the fish tank started sloshing back and forth and the house shook. Having lived in New Zealand, which is not known as the 'Shaky Isles' for nothing, my immediate reaction was 'EARTHQUAKE'.

Young Taylor wandered into the lounge, just as the shaking stopped. I asked if she had felt that. "Yes" she replied "That was just Sissy (The 16 yr old Teenager) shutting her door."

Now, I am used to the TT shutting her door. Mostly it's a fairly quiet procedure, but occasionally, in true teenage fashion, the door shutting can be a noisy, picture rattling experience. However, even in the midst of her more spectacular meltdowns, sometimes brought on by me insisting that she does her chores before her Dad and Mum get home, I have never, ever seen the water in the fish tank slosh back and forth!!

Sure enough, it was an earthquake. A moderate one at 4.2 but strong enough to get your attention. The TT said that she didn't feel it, probably because she was lying on her bed at the time, listening to music and texting The Boyfriend. Mind you, I wasn't surprised at that. I'd occasionally ask my own Teens "Did you feel/notice that?" and get a blank "Huh?" in return.

It's part of a swarm that's been hitting the area since Feb. Since 3.58 am yesterday (24th) we've experienced around 67 quakes . Most have been in the 1.something range. However there have been a few at the 3 and 4 intensity on the Richter scale. The strongest has been the 4.2 that I felt.

It's been a sharp reminder that Nevada is the 3rd most geographically earthquake prone State in the Union. The first two are Alaska, followed by California.

Hopefully, the 4.2 trembler, was the 'Big One' in this particular swarm and things will start settling down from now on. Fingers crossed!!


Was just talking to friend. Their house was not very level. Apparently the quake settled it, as the crack that was in Taylor's ceiling has closed up. Hmmmm ... not sure if that is a good thing or not!!


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Toni said...

Kind of scary! To my knowledge, I have never experienced an earthquake.