Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A Fun Winter's Day

We have this little lake/lagoon, that's about a comfortable, 10 minute stroll from my place. It's host to a variety of bird life, ground squirrels and much to my consternation, a couple of years ago, rabid bats. Haven't seen any dead bats lying around for awhile, so I'm hoping they cleared up that particular problem.

The word 'rabid' has the same effect on this Kiwi, as 'snakes'. Neither of which I had encountered before coming over here. Well, not quite true, I had met a couple of snakes when on holiday in Australia, however, that is another story and I digress.

Yesterday, was a beautiful winter's day, with the temperatures above normal, so Taylor and I decided that a picnic lunch at the lake would be a nice way to spend it.

The half frozen lake looked very pretty, with the snow covered foothills and mountains in the background. There were a couple of intrepid fishermen out on the pier hoping to catch the 'Big One'. At the point that I took this photo, even the 'little ones' were eluding them.

Taylor and I sat at a picnic table, eating our lunch and watching this view. The geese provided a comic interlude as they took off and then came into land. They'd hit the ice and give various interpretations of far from graceful skaters :-).

After lunch, we set off for a walk around the lake. A couple were feeding this collection of geese. The geese were getting rather combative over the bread scraps, with lots of hissing,pecking and sliding going on. Not sure why, as they all look pretty well fed !!!

Taylor had a fit of the giggles, at one point, when she turned around and found that we had a line of geese , sashaying along the path behind us. This one was almost on our heels.

A little family group. Not sure what kind of geese? these are. There's not a lot of them on the lake and they tend to stick together in little groups.

These two, happily sunbathing, let me get quite close ......

... before they waddled off to the water.

Around 2pm, there was suddenly a great commotion in the sky. Hundreds of geese appeared, wheeling and honking. It was rather amazing to watch. I gathered they'd been out hunting for food or something and were returning to the lake for the night.

Two of my favourite views of the lake. You'd think those townhouse in the distance, would cost a small fortune, considering the view that they have. However, they are part of an affordable housing development that the city is involved in.

Taylor, red faced and hanging upside down. Like the crossed leg thing that she has going on. :-)

The pink vest is one of my favourite presents. My friends Lori & Shawnee, Taylor's mum & dad, gave it to me for Christmas. It holds all my photography gear and is so much easier than logging around a camera bag. It's got 18 pockets !!

Sitting on top is my 'new' baby. An Olympus OM-G with a 28-85 mm lens. I've decided to go back to photography's roots and master using an 35mm SLR camera.

I used up two rolls of film on our walk, and am looking forward to seeing how they turned out as I'm still learning and experimenting.

You don't get the instant gratification of digital, however, I'd forgotten how detailed using film was. I was looking at the results of another roll that I'd shot. The water looked like silk and you could see all the individual ripples.

I took the above photos using my digital, point and shoot camera and then took the same or similar shot using my SLR. Going to be interesting to see the difference.

Anybody else also using a 35mm SLR ?


Jennifer said...

I'll be interested in hearing about the differences in your pics. I have a digital SLR--once I went digital I never went back! I do miss film in a way, but I like the instant grat. of digi not to mention the ability to alter colors , etc. through the software.

Those geese are something--I think I saw a couple of ducks in there too (?)!! Looks like a beautiful lake!!

Jen said...

Looks like a great afternoon out! You took some gorgeous photos... sure wish I was there to see it in person!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

It took me a really long time to make the transition to digital. I loved my film camera - I had a Canon Rebel. The quality was wonderful. And I could not deal with the shutter lag of my digital.

But then I finally invested in a digital slr...and am very gradually learning how to use it. And I love it.

And your pictures - especially the one of the half frozen lake - is just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...