Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Interviewing Kids...

A week or so ago, KAT did this really amusing post where she interviewed her kids.

Kat said it would be okay to use her questions. So this morning, I thought it might be interesting to interview my daughter and granddaughter, who are in NZ. Well, it was morning their time ... 7 am to be exact and 12 noon my time.
Christina is in aqua and Sacha is in pink . Questions and my comments are in black.

Okay, so I phone home. Son-in-law, Chris, answers phone. Yes, my daughter Christina is married to a Christopher and they both go by Chris, which can make it interesting at times.

He fetches Christina and I tell her I want to interview her and Sacha for my blog. There's a slight pause, the sound of coffee being slurped and then something that sounded like 'OK, anything for a laugh' . I think that was the sound of my 29 yr old daughter humouring her Mum.

She calls Sacha over, telling her that her Nana wants to interview her for her blog. From what I could hear, over the phone line, of the ensuring conversation, it sounded like 11 yr old Sacha was suspecting that both her Mum and her Nana had partially lost some of their marbles. Get used to it kiddo, it's just a taste of what will happen when I get back home. :-)

1.. What's your favourite movie?

(Another slurp of coffee in my ear) Labyrinth. (Not what I expected!)
Ummmm (she giggles) Ummmm (Me, helpfully suggests that she must have a favourite movie) I don't know yet!!! Ummmm, probably the Harry Potter movies still. (Wow, a pre-teen that IS NOT going ape over Hannah Montana or High School Musical. I'm in awe!)

2.. What's your favourite outfit or item of clothing in your closet?

My jean skirt.
Probably my shirt I just got with a picture of a Chinese garden on it. (Seriously?? No Hannah Montana.??No High School Musical?? Yayyyy .. a chip off the old block. This girl marches to her own tune!! :-) )

3.. If you could dye your hair any colour, what would you choose?

It's already dyed. (yes, but what colour?) Anything to hide the grey! (Ok, I get that you've inherited the part of my genes that give you premature grey hairs, BUT WHAT COLOUR?) My natural colour, obviously, anything to hide the gray! (Sighhh .. no adventure there, just whatever it takes to hide the grey)
Red (Well, that was easy. But I was kind of expecting something like I'd put pink or purple stripes through it, which was what Taylor said she was going to do with hers)

4.. What's your favourite thing to do with your Mum?

That's a bit hard to do! (Yeah, yeah, I know I'm not THERE, but what would you like to do with me if I was?) Drink wine. (At this point she was polite enough not to bring up the time that I ended up on all fours on the coffee table, howling like a dog after drinking a little too much wine and I was polite enough not to mention the time that she called me at 2am , to tell me that she was really tiddly and sitting under her plum tree, drinking wine with her best friends.)
Ummmm, giggles, probably play Sing Star (What?) Sing Star, it's a singing game. (I gather it's like Karaoke)

5.. What's the favourite thing to do with your Dad?

Drink coffee (Okay, so I gather I'm the parent to party with!)
Probably, ummmm,. talking to him. (There's a pattern developing here!)

6.. What's the favourite thing to do with your Grandma?

Ummm .. she's got dementia!! So it's a bit hard. (If she didn't have dementia?) Ummm ... Gossip (Really?? Though thinking back, my ex-mum-in-law, who is the sweetest thing ever and I love her to pieces, was always a mine of information about family goings on.)
Giggles (the Nana you're losin' it type of giggles. Yeah, again, I know I'm not here, but humour the elderly one, ok! What did you used to like when you were living here?) Going to stay at your house. (She did to and she used to organise me!)

7.. If a boy you liked gave you a gift , which gift would you like to receive from him?
a - A stuffed animal
b - A beaded bracelet
c - A mix CD he made, himself, for you.

None of the above. (Oh?) Well I'm really not into stuffed animals. (Hmmm, wonder why she singled out stuffed animals. You know I like stuffed animals) Fine!!! A stuffed amimal then. (It wasn't me who mentioned stuffed animals in the answer!)
Giggle. CD. Giggle (Hmmmm, has someone got a slight crush on a boy?)

8.. If you saw an alien swimming in the pool tomorrow morning, when you wake up, what would you do or say to it?

Would you like a towel? (My ever practical daughter. If you are going to come inside, please don't drip on the carpets)
We come in peace (No screams? No fainting? No running? Hasn't she seen 'The Pods' or 'MIB' ? When I asked Taylor the same question, she told me that she would 'Hurt it. Use karate on it. Kick it back to where it came from' . Perhaps it would be better if Aliens landed in NZ first. Their welcome might be a little more genteel.)

9.. If I handed you a $100 bill and told you to spend it however you wanted, what would you spend it on?

Bills. Ummmm (Oohh, she's thinking, she's going to say something exotic!) Ummmm ... definitely bills. (boring) and wine (okay, she saved herself with that last one)
Giggle ... clothes ..yeah (her mother was surprised she hadn't said a cellphone or a MP3 player)


Debbie said...

Is it weird that as I read this I could hear what I think is your NZ accent? This post was GREAT! I had a smile on my face through the whole thing! So much fun! And I love the whole description of you and her having a wee bit too much to drink...

Trooper Thorn said...

That was pretty cool that they said things you would not expect. Geez, you figure you know somebody...

Do you mind if I give my son and daughter the same survey?

Thanks for your comments on Mom Insulting Text Messages.

Chris H said...

Cute.... and love your daughter's name.. tis the same as mine!

Lori said...

Funny! Do you think you'd get different answers if you did the interview at a different time of day?

(hee hee Chris said "tis"! I love it when Chris says funny things! :) )

Sydney said...

How fun! Love the answers!

Christina said...

In my defense it was 7am, and my hubbie and kids know I'm not very talkative or friendly till that 2nd cup of coffee....:-)

The daughter

Kat said...

I love that you used the same questions! But the credit must surely go to Rhea who thought them up. I *love* how you had too much to drink with your daughter.

Great, great interview!

Caroline said...

What a great idea. I loved how you said she was...what was it...tiddly? Thats funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday for my big sits day in the sun. You give good comment love.