Saturday, 30 May 2009

Camera Critters - The Young Ones

Camera Critters

'The young ones
Darling, we're the young ones
And the young ones
Shouldn't be afraid
To live, love
While the flame is strong
For we may not be
The young ones very long'

Why wait until tomorrow
'Coz tomorrow
Sometimes never comes
So love me
There's a song to be sung
And the best time
Is to sing it while we're young'

'Once in every lifetime
Comes a love like this
I need you,
You need me
Oh, my darling, can't you see'

'That young dreams
Should be dreams together
And young hearts
Shouldn't be afraid
And some day
When the years have flown
Darling, then we'll teach
The young ones of our own.'

Credits ..

'The Young Ones' - sung by the one and only, Cliff Richard.

First photo - taken by my hubby ..

All other photos ..well, that was me :-)

Now go to CAMERA CRITTERS and join in the fun.

P.S... If you want to listen to Cliff singing the song, here it is, Video quality is a bit poor and the sound isn't synchronized, but it shows that he's still got it! Not quite a Camera Critter, but I couldn't resist. :-)


Sharon said...

Very nice and entertaining post. Loved the video and the photos! Hope you have a great weekend!

Joy said...

What an absolutely lovely photostory!

Jedediah said...

Great photos, the second one made me laugh :)

Anya said...

I loved the poem !!
Your shots are fantastic :)
Thanks for sharing.

Marie Reed said...

This is a delightful three for one! Beautiful photos, the lyrics, and the fun video! Happy CC:)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Awwww! I love the baby geese. I haven't seen any babies this year. I hope I get to see some.

Anissa said...

Beautiful shot like always! To sweet with the babies!

Anonymous said...

Great lyrics for the photos - love baby critters of any kind!

storyteller's other blog said...

Lovely poetic photo story ... very fun post!
Hugs and blessings,

Evita said...

Awww Karen, they are so cute!!!

I love going for walks at this time and meeting all the baby geese, they are just adorable!

Faye Pekas said...

The babies are precious. We have some at our local duck pond as well. They have now turned from babies to gangling teenagers though.

Bruce said...

Cute little guys:)

Anonymous said...

Great pics, & the lyrics fit nicely!

Sue said...

The babies grow up so fast. They are cute when they're little.

Great shots. Thanks for sharing.

Snap said...

The shots are wonderful. Don't they grow up fast! I thought the song lyrics were perfect.

fishing guy said...

Karen: Very nice writing to go along with the Canada Geese and the little ones.

JuneMoonToon said...

Enjoyed the photos of the geese, and very much the song lyrics accompanying them. Great post!

Luna ( from Brazil ) said...

Hi sweet Karen
I loved this lyrics, you did a right choice for this post because it blends perfectly with your pictures!
The last picture, I mean the picture of the family is adorable and perfect!
Well done! Congratulations
Now, my dad and I will enjoy the music video! Thanks for the hint!
( and dad Cezar )

Glennis said...

Very well teamed together. I always liked the Cliff Richard song.

Staci said...

Love those baby ducks!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Karen
Excellent song to go with the pictures... one of my sisters favourite songs as well.. :o)
I just dropped by to thank you for visiting me at Pictures and Words and leaving a comment on my Redback post.. it made me shake just thinking about looking down the barrel at those spiders.. ha!

Once again thank you for your time.

Kenia Cris said...

Great shot and song! It made me think a lot about my birthday, which is really close (next Wed) and how I wish I could be young forever...
Love from Brazil to you Karen!

Sue said...

What a great series of photos! I love that last one of the family swimming together :)

Martha said...

Awww, what a great series. I like the first ans last ones best :-)

A Blog In The Rough said...

how cute, I had lil baby geese last week on my CC. Nice poem too :)
happy weekend!

Grammy said...

I truly enjoyed your post. I love the one with its tung out. so cute. And the words are so true. Great song! Thanks have a great week.

jabblog said...

I just love goslings but that song will be in my head for days!

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable !

Anonymous said...

Soooo sweeet! They're sooo cuuute!

It looks like the one in the 2nd photo has something to say! hehehe

Marja said...

What a beautiful creatures Cliffs great song goes well with it

sandyshares said...

The entire progression superb

Barbara said...

Great captures of the young ones. They are so cute and I bet they were a joy to watch. Smiles Barbara

Anonymous said...

I love the 4th picture: I enlarged it and it seemed as I could touch the water.....

Janie said...

Your photos are so apropos to the song! So true that "we many not be the young ones very long."

ROSIDAH said...

Ow, lovely shots and great song choice!

Indrani said...

You have taken wonderful sots, the ducks camouflage so well with the rocks. Wonderful song too.

Willard said...

Wonderful shots and post. I saw geese this week and the young were about as large as in your first photo, but had no chance to photograph them.

Anonymous said...

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