Saturday, 11 October 2008

My Favourite Things Swap

KAT recently hosted a swap called 'My Favourite Things.'

Kat selected Becky at SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS as my swap partner.

My other partner was Casey at WHITEAKER CLAN. Hopefully, the package I sent her, will be there by now.

It wasn't sent without a little drama though. Once I got up to the counter with the box, that I'd just packed in one of those flat rate cartons, I discovered that I'd forgotten my wallet !!! Thankfully, it was at my little, local PO, where they know me as I am a regular. They took the box and told me to come back later with the money. I love those guys!! :-)

Anyway, my package from Becky arrived on Thursday, while I was at school. However, the hubby forgot to tell me and I didn't see it till Friday, just as I was rushing out the door!!

I quickly opened it, with one eye on the clock, and took a quick peek. Was really excited to see what was inside. Have I mentioned before, that receiving good stuff in the mail is one of my favourite things!! I took two of the items to school with me.

Once I got home last night, I was able to look at everything at my leisure..

Becky sent me ..

A big cup that holds special and significant memories for her. Thank you for sharing them, Becky.

The cup was filled with some of her favourite things. I also love chocolate and Stride gum is one of my favourites too. That Burt Bees lip balm feels really good. It has permanganate oil in it and tastes nice as well !!

I use the reusable fabric bags all the time, when going to the supermarket, etc, so the big blue one will come in really handy. I also love the little Vera Bradley coin/ID holder. This will also get a lot of use, as it will fit inside the fanny pack that I wear at school. Just what I needed!!

A Sudoku puzzle book !! I love doing sudoku puzzles. I even have a sudoku game on my cell phone. Anything to keep my aging brain active!! :-)

This, along with the card from the first photo, was what I took to school with me. Jane Austen is one of my favourites and I have been thinking of buying her books to add to my collection, as I ad to leave all my other ones in NZ, when I moved over here. I'm already about a quarter of the way through the book. Thank you Becky, it's perfect.

There were also some lovely, Rooster themed recipe cards, with some of Becky's favourite recipes on them. These ice cream cup cakes look intriguing. I need to make some cup cakes for the kids in one of the classes I volunteer in. I'm thinking that I might try this. Triple chocolate cup cakes in ice cream cones, What kid could resist those?? :-)

Last but not least, some cards Becky made with a Rooster themed stamp on them. I really like them !! I love the way that Becky has combined one of my Favourite Things, Rooster themes, with one of her Favourite Things, card making. Becky also has some lovely penmanship. She has inspired me to practice mine, as currently, thanks to using a computer all the time, mine sucks!!!

Thank you so much Becky. I really enjoyed receiving some of your Favourite Things.


Rhea said...

You got some great stuff in the swap! YAY! What a great idea for someone to send recipes to share. I love it. And I love Sudoku!! I have it on my cell phone too.

Ronda's Rants said...

I love the stuff you got...that looks like it was fun!

Sabrae said...

Love this idea :) And you got some cool stuff

Becky Welch said...

I am so glad you liked everything. I enjoyed doing this for you!

Jennifer said...

Very fun! You got some cool stuff! I did one of those swaps recently and enjoyed it--I'll definitely do it again.

Jen B. said...

How awesome! It looks like you got several nice things... that's a really neat idea! I'll have to check into that... would love to participate.