Monday, 6 October 2008

Well, I Never Would Have Guessed That !!!

I have this passion, that people who meet me, probably would never guess that I had.

I'm a rabid NASCAR fan.

I'm also an ardent member of JR NATION . You know, the fella that drives the #88 .

Okay, if you haven't already guessed, Dale Earnhardt Jr, is the son of 'The Intimidator', AKA Dale Earnhardt Snr.

See, told you I'm a bit rabid :-)

Here's a look at him in one of my favourite TV commercials. I have other favourites, but I also realise that you all aren't as passionate about him as I am. so I'll limit myself to one :-)

Anyway, all that brings us to this weekend.

Saturday was cold, but pretty uneventful. Went shopping with Taylor and Lori. Made Pumpkin soup for dinner.

I'd recovered from Friday, when Jr blew an engine in the first practice, then blew a tyre in the second practice and crashed, taking out a number of other cars in the process.

Sunday was a little different....

First, the computer started acting up. The hubby got onto that, in between smoking a chicken for dinner.

The dogs and I curled up on the couch for a delicious, lazy afternoon watching the 'AMP 500' at Talledaga.

Things were going good. There had been plenty of excitement with Jr spending a satisfying amount of time in the lead or up with the leaders. There had been one of Talladega's 'Big Ones' ... a big wreck involving lot's of cars, for those of you that don't have a clue as to what I'm going on about. :-)

Then about halfway through the race, THE FREAKIN' CABLE WENT OUT !!!!

I had a minor meltdown and then I went for a short walk, to calm myself down.

A bloke down the street was outside , starting up his lawnmower, while yelling out to his wife 'When the *expletive* race comes back on, let me know!!'

At the 7-11 there was another customer, complaining loudly about his cable going out, right in the middle of 'Dega.

I no longer felt so alone. There were people out there who were sharing in my misery..

About three blocks away from home, I phoned The Hubby, to find out that cable was back on and that there were 25 laps left to go.

They were down to 20 laps to go by the time I got home, as there had been a caution. I settled down on the couch with the dogs. Well, just Sparky, as Meesha gets a little upset when Mummy yells at the TV and I'd been doing a bit of yelling, so she'd left me to go and lie under the computer desk, where Daddy was. I guess it was a little quieter there as he was only grumbling..

Things were going well. My Sunday looked well on the way to being salvaged. Jr was working his way up to the front, when this happened..

I was not happy. I did ALOT of yelling. I went into semi-mourning. I wanted to do unspeakable things to Carl Edwards, who caused the whole thing.

He did accept blame and apologised afterwards, so I cancelled the hit on him. Not saying I've forgiven him, yet !!

Could things get any worse??


The computer, obviously feeling my pain, did the computer version of hopping into bed and pulling the covers over it's head. It sort of stopped working properly ... lost some of it's marbles ... sat crying in the corner, which at this point, I felt like doing as well !!!

Currently, it's limping along and hopefully will be fully recovered by tonight, when The Hubby will do his magic, or whatever it is he does...

So, what is a passion that you have, that anybody meeting you for the first time, would never guess at ?

C'mon, I told you mine, so you tell me yours. :-)

If you want to blog about it, email me the link and I'll include it in this post...

(Oh, I can't see the youtube videos that I posted, as my Flash player is not up yet. Hopefully they'll be there.)


Jen B. said...
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Jen B. said...

How crummy! Don't ya just hate it when the cable goes out during the ONLY thing you wanted to watch???

OK... here's my passion on television... "Rescue Me" It's a VERY adult show that runs for a short season once a year & I am so addicted! The girls go to bed at 9 & even my hubby & the dogs know better than to interrupt me during my show. Terrible, aren't I???

Kat said...

Living here in the south, I am quite the minority. As I know squat about nascar. And I totally would not have pegged you as a fan. Had I not already seen your favorite things list :-)

I think there are lots of things that people are surprised to discover about me. I despise crafts - yet I love to scrapbook.

Or when they find out I am an avid reader - they are surprised to discover that I like high brow...but also the smuttiest books ever.

Or my doctors always seem to be surprised each year that I don't have high blood pressure.

Rhea said...

Which is worse, the computer giving out or losing the cable in the middle of the race?

Like Kat said, I don't know squat about racing either.

I am passionate about reading and the TV show LOST.

Jennifer said...

Ahhhhh! I would have lost it if thecable went out during one of my favorite shows! I'm glad it came back on but sorry your race didn't go the way you wanted. I don't know Thing One about car racing, but I'm passionate about a lot of things --the band My Chamical Romance for one! Though it's no secret--I talk about them all the time!

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh...I am laughing so hard right now because I can hear you ranting in a voice with a New Zealander's accent...and all those terms like "bloke" etc just came spilling out of your mouth. I never ever in a million years would have guessed you were a rabid NASCAR fan. That is just the best revelation ever. I am a rabid college football fan. I mean sit on the couch and watch it all day and then watch highlights on ESPN rabid! So I can relate to your "rabidness" about a sporting event...but funny...

Chris H said...

I LOVE DANCING TO MUSIC! And singing loudly... can't do either well though so restrict myself to when I'm alone. I also used to pot... ya know, make coffee mugs, plates and bowls, and other silly stuff... and I would love to waterski again!

Suzanne said...

I have the need for speed. That's an amazing crash. It makes me sick to see all those beautiful cars damaged.

Bet you didn't know that my great-uncle was one of the original NASCAR drivers. Yeah.....he was a moonshiner in northern Florida, racing his souped up car against the Feds trying to bust him!!! True story. Moonshiners would get together and race against each other to see who had the fastest car. And that's how NASCAR was born.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Becky Welch said...

Your Favorite Things Swap is in the mail. They said it should be there in 3 days or so. Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I have always been a sports fan, but especially football. A woman who is a football fan, and can "talk football" is sometimes a surprise to men.

Anonymous said...

I have always been a sports fan, but especially football. A woman who is a football fan, and can "talk football" is sometimes a surprise to men.

~Tara said...

I'm with you- I'm a NASCAR chick too!! However, I am a Jimmie Johnson fan...I was never a big fan of JR until he came ovver to Hendrick and even then it was more like "because he's part of the team" kinda thing- but he is a great driver!

Talladega was, as always, exciting! You know there's always gonna be a "big one" but you just hope and wish it's not your driver! Of all the races for the cable to go out-why not Sonoma or the other road race, huh? Good job on the taking a walk- I would have went crazy turning the tv on and off until the cable came back on!