Thursday, 23 October 2008

Oh ... YUCK !!!

I've not been feeling the greatest over the last few days as I've had an upset tum, due to eating lunch meat that was a bit off.

There was no warning, that the turkey breast was off, as far as smell or anything like that went. It also tasted okay, so I passed off the way I was feeling as perhaps a bug that I'd caught at school.

Then I went to make a sandwich on Tuesday, after I was feeling a little bit better and found this on the slices that were in the center of the packet. YUK !!! No wonder I got sick...

Took it back up to Walmart, as I wanted them to know that they may have some off lunch meat on their shelves.

I'm now convinced. more than ever, that possessing brains is not a pre-requisite for working at Walmart .... and yeah, I do know that there are some intelligent people working there. It's just that I seem to always get the idiots !!!

According to the associate that I spoke to ... 'This wouldn't make anybody very sick at all, as the meat had to be really whiffy before you got ill' .

Hmmmm...really ??? Wonder what cornflake box she got her medical degree out of !!!!

Speaking of Walmart and in all fairness it's not only them that is doing this ... but what's with all the Christmas stuff being out on the shelves before Halloween is even over????

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago. Stores like Micheal's, Ross's, Costco, etc, have had their Christmas stuff out for over six weeks.

Seems to get earlier and earlier , each year !!


Kat said...

Well, this confirms it. I need a camera for my purse so that I can take pictures of absurdities while I am out and about.

As for the meat...I have been getting emails...and snopsing them (don't you love that that has become a verb??!)...and it looks like a lot of meat from China comes to the US labeled made in Canada - and ends up at Walmart. I would not buy things that you ingest from them. Well...I don't buy anything from can't be too careful :-)

Chris H said...

Gross! I am sorry you got ill.... I'm still frowning about that meat! IKKKK..... ! Christmas stuff ... yep we have it here too.... madness.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

What IS that on the meat??

Thank you for confirming once again why I DO NOT shop at Wal-M*rt.

Jen B. said...

EWWW... that meat is disgusting! I sure hope you're feeling better now!
Funny that you mentioned the Christmas things... my hubby asked me today in Walmart why the Christmas stuff was out already. I know it's early when HE notices it! LOL You're right... they get earlier & earlier every year it seems.

Anonymous said...

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John Deere Mom said...

More importantly...WTH is up with that purple tree?!