Thursday, 17 July 2008

It's 'Over There' !!!

Visited the place I most love to hate, yesterday. Yep .... Walmart.

While there, I decide to do something about attacking this pile, as the hubby keeps muttering that he knows he has more denim shirts than that. Yes dear, you do, they're in that pile ...

So, I bought this. My last one sort of collapsed on me recently. I think it might have taken a peek at 'The Pile' and decide to commit hari kari. Yes, I know that is not ironing on the board. It's currently carrying the overflow .....

from my first attempt at making this. It's my BFF Lori's birthday today. Happy Birthday, girl!! She reads my blog, you know, so y'all can wish her a Happy One. :-)

Up at Walmart, they have these really friendly greeters.

There is one lovely group, that have wide, beaming smiles. Unfortunately, their grasp of English is a little limited. Actually, A LOT limited. Though they have got 'Hello' , 'Goodbye' , 'Return?' and my absolute favourite 'Over There' down pat.

'Over there' is usually delivered, with one of the aforementioned smiles and an arm flung out in the direction of the far, right hand corner of the store.

Anyway, yesterday, on my quest to replace my ironing board, I entered the store right behind a young man, who was obviously on a quest of his own. He had his phone to his ear and was engaged in soothing someone on the other end, 'Honey, I'm at Walmart now, I'll be home soon, okay'.

He then asked the greeter, where the diapers were. Aha, I thought, 'Honey' is obviously having a diaper crisis at home.

The greeter, flung her arm out in the familiar gesture, beamed her smile and said 'Over There.'

Now, I knew that diapers were definitely not 'Over There', so I gently nudged the young man in the right direction. He gratefully rushed off, still muttering reassurances to 'Honey'.

Out of curiosity, I decided to see what he would of found, if he had continued on to 'Over There'.

Brother, would he have been surprised to find himself looking at fishing nets and marine oil!

Ahhhh ... those greeters ... God Bless their lovely souls... :-)


Heather said...

Man, I LOVE Wal-Mart. Can you hear the ooze of sarcasm. Poor guy just needed some diapers.

Lori said...

(not that Lori, a different Lori...)

That is a gorgeous card you made! (Fellow readers, you gotta click on the picture and look at it up close to appreciate the textures in those papers.)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Happy Birthday to your friend Lori. (Mine is tomorrow!)

I'm so sorry that you had to venture into walmart. I should probably go there instead of Target. I know I'd spend less money. Cause I'd be running to get out.

John Deere Mom said...

Love the card...I would have bought all of the card making materials and left it in the closet. Great job!

Lula! said...

I can't even be sarcastic about it. I loathe Walmart. Even went there tonight at 9 pm, with no make-up, wearing a ratty shirt and flip-flops. I fit in perfectly.

Insane Mama said...

Wal Mart can kiss my butt!

Anonymous said...

Cute. Poor guy. Maybe you should get a job as a greeter?