Saturday, 5 July 2008

You Think?????

Hubby is currently sitting on the couch, perusing his Barbecuing Bible, looking for rubs.

Him ... " This looks interesting, but it might be a bit hot. "

Me ... " Oh? "

Him ... " It's got 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper in it. "


Insane Mama said...

You think??? Sheesh, it's a good guess that YES it will be hot!

Chris H said...

HOT!!! Maybe he can adjust the quantity if it looks like a good rub??? No one said you have to follow a recipe exactly... men eh?

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Perhaps a tad hot. My hubby might like that. don't have to use the entire amount. Or if you were'd leave it out entirely :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls.This is Karens Hubbie.Lets make this clear on the hot rubs.I look at the spice and tone it down.Poor Karen has a vary sensitive palet.So what is warm tome is hot to her.Now a nice alt to hot peppers is the plablano.Just a little spice.Hmm.Works great in Italian food as well.Cook low and slow.:)