Saturday, 5 July 2008

Oh, Those Saucy Sits Girls....

They have another competition going .... for a... wait for it ... $100 GIFT CARD TO TARGET !!!

Oh, be still my beating heart. I so want to win that, especially since I missed out on the bag! Mainly because I plain spaced entering, due to being on Flexeril for a couple of days, due to a spasamy back. That stuff makes me loopy!

But, I'm now, mostly, back in control of all my senses, so I'm definitely entering this one!!


Unknown said...

Hee hee...OK if I don't get it... I hope you dear, separated at birth, born in different countries twin sister!

Unknown said...

& PS... can I just say I LOVE ALABAMA:... I don't get to hear them too often... nice change!