Sunday, 13 July 2008

Arghhhhhh ...Puzzles!!!

The label on the front says it all.

'SCRAMBLE SQUARES. Perhaps the World's Most Challenging Puzzle.'

No kidding!!

You start off with nine squares. The aim is to perfectly match the pictures on the square's edges, so that you form a large square. Sounds easy? After all, the front of the package says that it's 'FOR AGES 4 To 104'.

Yeah ... well ... I reckon I'll be 104 by the time I solve the blasted thing!!

Looks good, except that the Hammerhead shark in the top left corner has a Great White's tail. On the right hand side, middle square, a Sand Tiger has a Great White's tail and a Great White has a Hammerhead's tail. The good news is, the Leopard sharks have all their correct appendages.

Try # 1001, or so it seemed. Thought I had it this time. Then I noticed that the Hammerhead in the bottom right square, was sporting a Great White's tail. Little hard to see, because of the camera's flash, but trust me, it definitely has a mismatched tail.

Anybody got a four year old that's solved it ????


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

We used to get puzzles all the time. Till we had a cat that would steal pieces or chew up the edges. And then I don't have the patience for it. Good luck with your puzzle. How long have you been working on it?!

Unknown said...

Kat - I worked on it for a couple of days, when I first bought it. Got disgusted and threw it in a drawer. Found it again yesterday and have been fiddling with it since. it only has 9 squares, you'd thinkit would be easy!!

Chris H said...

So glad I don't have one... I would have probably chopped it up into a million bits by now!

Insane Mama said...

Yea, you probably do need a four year old for that!
I left you an award at my abode, go grab it!

Lula! said...

When you do solve it, please post a picture. And then we'll all know what a genius you are!

Unknown said...

My parents had one similar to this a while ago, my wife managed to solve it about 30 seconds after seeing it.

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