Sunday, 1 June 2008

Awww ... Cute ' Goodnight Kiwi'

New Zealand was a little slow when it came to joining the TV age. We did not see regular TV broadcast until the early part of the 1960's. By Jan 1, 1961 we were seeing approximately 18 hours of programming each week.

We had one of the first televisions in our street and the neighbours used to come over and we'd all sit around staring in wonder at the fact that the world was now being beamed directly into our living room.

Television broadcasting, in NZ, has come a long way since those days of innocence. We now have a number of channels, a list of which can be found here .

Still nothing like that which can be found here in the US. However, how many channels does one really need? :-)

Now, to the subject in the title of this post. For many years, before TV channels in NZ went 24 hrs, the 'Goodnight Kiwi' was played as the channel closed down for the night.

Turn the sound up on your computer and enjoy this little piece of NZ TV history. :-)



Anne said...

Good to "meet" you, thanks for your comment on my blog:-)

LOL - you bought back memories of the goodnight kiwi!

Apple Joos said...

So cute! That music would put me to sleep for sure.

Pixxiee said...

I remember visiting the TV studio as a kid and seeing an A4 size poster propped up on a chair of the Goodnight Kiwi tripping over a power lead. A camera stood before it, ready to be turned on in case the station went down cos of technical difficulties! Too funny, but I was soo disappointed!