Saturday, 21 June 2008

Those SITS girls are at it again !!!

Those Saucy Broads at SITS have this really cool contest going for a Bounce House . I really want one!!

So, if you haven't got your SITS button yet, get over there and get one and mention that I told you to!!


Anonymous said...

Too old for Dinah Lee etc. I was too busy being the very correct young Mum. I was brought up very conservatively.

I took our first baby to town for a days shopping wearing hat & gloves ....... me not babe. How smart & elegant a young Mum was I.

Now I am most likely found in jandals, capris and T shirt of the day.

The other day I pinched, (ever so gently) a muffin. This youngster at work came past in her outdoor clothes. A tiny cut off top and jeans ... bare midrif. It was one of our freezing days with a biting wind.
it was the bare skin that shocked me but I was surprised by the muffin roll on such a dainty girl.

Anonymous said...

Hope you win the bounce house!! That's so cool that you were a surfer back in the day; I hope you have photos! (that would be a great blog post!)