Sunday, 1 June 2008

It's a moving again ....

The numbers on the scale are moving again and in the correct direction. :-)

Weigh in this morning at WW recorded a 2 lb weight loss. As I have now lost 10% of my starting weight, I was presented with a nifty copper coloured key ring, in the shape of the number 10. Plus I also got a little gold coloured charm, in the shape of a pair of clapping hands. That was a reward for sticking it out for 16 weeks.

I am happy. Now on to my next two mini goals, which are losing the first 25 lbs and dropping below the 200 lb mark. Hopefully that will happen next week.

I've set myself another little goal for the coming week and that is to post something, every day, about my home country, New Zealand. So stay tuned !! :-)

1 comment: Lose 55 Pounds said...

Don't you just love that keychain?? =) I still love mine and it's fun adding to it. You'll have that silver 25-pound charm in no time! Can't wait to welcome you to "Onederland."