Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The state of my brain cells...

A couple of days ago, I started writing a post about why I once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

Then I got sidetracked by Reno's current air quality, which by the way has worsened overnight. We are now at a stage 2 air quality alert, which means the air is 'very unhealthful' and 'it is now recommended that all individuals stay inside with the windows closed.' I tell ya, it's like pea soup out there!

I got sidetracked again this morning, by Debbie's really hysterically funny post about her shrinking brain cells. That got me thinking about the state of my own.

On Monday, Taylor and I went to the movies. Not much you can mess up about that, right? HAH !

It started with a major brain stall as soon as I stepped up to the ticket window..

Me ... " Could I have one adult and one child to .... ummmmmm ... the movie that ends with Crystal Skull "

Teenage, Male, Ticket Person .... " The what ?? "

Me (frantically trying to access my memory cache)... " You know, the one with that guy that has a whip and a hat and is searching for a crystal skull. "

TMTP .... " Wot ?? "

Me, wondering to myself, doesn't this kid know what movies he's selling tickets for ?

Taylor, from beside me ... " Doesn't it start with Indiana Jones, Nana ? "

Grandmotherly Lady behind us, who is reading the marquee ... " Is, it 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ? "

Me , with relief ... " Yes, that's it, thank you. "

TMTP ... " That'll be $12.50. "

I hand him the money.

TMTP, while looking at money ... " Ma'am, that's only $3.50. "

Oops, I'd just seen the number 1 and thought I was handing him a ten and two ones.

Turned to GL, thanked her for her help and said ... " Menopause brain, I think. "

She shook her head sympathetically and patted my shoulder. I felt a moment of shared understanding.

Which lasted until I handed my tickets to the ticket checker lady. She'd obviously been listening to the conversation and perhaps felt that I needed some extra help in locating the right theatre. Because she gave me very, very detailed instructions on how to get to it and ending by looking at Taylor and saying ... " Remember, it's theatre 3, OK, sweetheart. "

That, I guess, was in case I got lost, while walking past the snack concession, turning left, then left again after theatre 7, which I couldn't miss, because it was clearly marked.

I'm just really thankful that none of them saw me trip UP theatre 3's stairs...


Chris H said...

OOOO OOOO we are TWINS mate! Tell me about menopause brain.... I got me own!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

That is too funny about her telling Taylor how to get to the theatre...just in case you get lost. I'm constantly dealing with missing brain cells and misfires. sometimes I just cannot find the words I want to say...

Apple Joos said...

I don't even have menopause brain to use an excuse, I'm just naturally (and embarrassingly) ditzy.

John Deere Mom said...

Surprising how it happens to the best of us...I blame my kids for sucking the brain cells out of me during birth. It's my only excuse!

Unknown said...

chris h ... Hehehehe, I'ways wanted a twin sister :-)

kat ... I hear you on those missing words...

apple joos ... *Grin* My Aunt was like that. Once she hit menopause she became even more so. I loved that Aunt she was really delightful!

jon deere mom ... LOL, that's been my excuse for years!!