Monday, 2 June 2008

This Is My Country - New Zealand

I'm going to let these three videos speak for themselves. They can probably say it better than I ever could.

The music in the first one is New Zealand's national anthem. This extremely homesick Kiwi, is not ashamed to say that I cried all the way through it. The lyrics can be found here.

The second one is 'May It Be' from 'Lord Of The Rings'.

The third is a Maori love song 'Pokarekare Ana'. The English translation can be found here.


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Chris H said...

Hi Karen, oh these short videos are just beautiful, I hope you don't mind but I will probably 'pinch' them and put them on me blog for my American Readers, in particular the Flat Stanley's family, who are learning about New Zealand at the moment.