Friday, 6 June 2008

The questions kids ask....

I was just talking to my daughter in NZ. She related a conversation that she had just had with my middle grandson....

Alex.. 'Mum was I born in the US?'

DD ... 'Yes, dear.'

Alex.. 'But you've never been to America, right Mum ?'

Fair cracked me up. The innocence of children :-)

Then there was young Sacha, the 11yr old.

Sacha.. 'Mum, will I get dizzy if I walk backwards?'

Within seconds of starting to walk backwards and before Christina (DD) could answer her, Sacha walked straight into a light pole.

DD (after she'd nearly finished peeing her pants with laughter) 'Yes dear, you will get dizzy walking backwards, especially when you hit a pole!'



Chris H said...

Nice one. I have adaughter who walked into power poles and she wasn't walking backwards even! Kids can be a source of amusement I agree... just as often they can drive you nuts! My full name is Christina... JFYI.

Tiffany said...

HA! Kids are just hysterical. hysterical.

Came over through SITS to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Makeovers are fun no matter why or when!